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Hear the difference
TUNING makes:
My Favorite local piano retailers
Piano Movers I know and trust

JPX Movers - 323-595-1157

Benny’s Movers - 323-857-5523

D & J Piano Movers - 800-398-9798

Paco’s Movers - 818-785-7223

Pro Piano Movers - 800-956-8938

Santana Movers - 818-787-2526

Schafer Brothers - 800-222-2888

Show Time Movers - 818-563-1780

Teco Movers - 562-862-5013

Other Useful PIANO links

Perfectly Grand - all sorts of piano supplies: lamps, benches, covers, gift items, accesories etc

Dawson String Covers - protect your grand pianos from humidity and climate caused issues

Piano dollies - for education institutions, clubs etc

Vanda King - all things piano: benches, lamps, covers etc

Piano Technicians Guild - info on pianos and piano technology

Dampp Chaser - Sometimes you need humidity control.

Blue Book for pianos - find the approximate value of your piano

Steinway Pianos - Steinway, c'mon!

Yamaha Pianos - most popular pianos in the world

Cory piano cleaning products

Isaiah 55:8-9
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