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My current fee for tuning is $185

This includes tuning the piano to standard concert pitch (A=440), adjusting the pedals and making minor repairs such as sticking keys or squeaky pedals. The basic tuning fee also includes an examination of the piano to determine it's general condition and whether or not any other work would be beneficial to it's performance, tone or playability.

PITCH RAISE: If it has been several years since your piano was last tuned, there's a good chance that the pitch will be flat (or possibly sharp) and therefore an additional "pitch adjustment" tuning may be neccesary.  The charge for the pitch adjustment is $65 and adds about 20-30 minutes to the appointment time. This "pre-tuning" is done prior to the main tuning and on the same visit. If, from then on, you have the piano tuned at least once a year, a pitch raise will usually not be needed again. Even if your piano needs a pitch adjustment, you can still decide not to have me do it if you choose. In that case, I'll only go through the tuning procedure once. The piano will not sound its absolute best, but it will sound much better than if it hadn't been tuned at all! 

So ... Piano tuning will either be $185 or $250 depending on how long it's been since last service and/or how far out of tune it is. 

I also offer a cleaning service for grands where I vacuum the soundboard (under the strings), clean the plate, dampers, keys and inside the action cavity. Charge for this service is $75 (while on normal tuning visit).

My current fee for a service call is $100.

This is my standard rate for repair visits where tuning is not needed or desired. Fixing broken strings, missing hammers, loose pedals, sticking keys are things I typically address on a service call. This charge also applies for piano appraisals, estimates of repair and emergency pencil-ectomies.

Charges for other types of work, such as voicing, new parts, regulation etc are done on a case by case basis.

TEXT ME A VIDEO! Have a piano you're thinking of buying? Take a short video with you smartphone and text it to me. Be sure to show the brand name and have someone play it. Also open the lid and get a shot of the hammers. In many cases, texting me a video clip is as good as going to have a look at the piano in person ... and it's a free courtesy I offer my customers!

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